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We are building a Learning Center that is supported by the revenue from the Farm Stay and produces from the Permaculture farm. We need your help. In return for 5-6 hours work-day, we provide three meals a day, sleeping quarter, and weekend off.

If you like, your donation is very welcome.  

Free Range Hens, Mulberry, Blackberry | Banana | Papaya | Leafy Salad | Figs | Cape Gooseberry | Local fruits and vegetables

“Still Under Construction”

Teach conversational English to local kids free of charge | Hold weekend seminars | Special retreats | Community Center

4 Guest House | 5 Boutique rooms | Ecotourism | Flower Pot Planting | Eggs hunting | Garden Walks | Natural Swimming Pool 

Permaculture Farming is “Permanent” + “Agriculture” meaning we try to plant crops that give us long term yield, in term of years. But we also do crops rotation such as Corn, Salad, Pepper, etc …

Here are some things you will be involved with. 

Permaculture Farming

Weeding | Watering | Raking up leaves | Trimming Plants | Feeding Hens | Cleaning Hen’s House | Repairing Fences | Etc …

Seedling | Digging Holes | Making grow beds | Etc … 

Making Dry Composts | Composts Tea | Fermented Juice | Bio-fertilisers |  Collecting Organic Materials | Etc …

Learning Center Helping

Our Learning Center is still under construction. I imagined our volunteers will be doing somethings below.

Conversational English would be our main focus. Kids learn English in school, but they do not have someone to practice their pronunciation with.

Playing games as a method of keeping kids interested in coming to practice their English.

Gardening as a method of keeping kids interested in coming to practice their English.

We will have 9 rooms for guests to stay in. Four units of guesthouses and five units of private rooms.

Farm Stay Supporting

We have regular maid, but they also appreciate with the room cleaning.

Running the filter at night | cleaning the pool | removing leaves | Etc …

Working with tourists when they have flower pot planting class.

The Layout Of Tantai Farm

Click on the image to see the layout.

The Direction To Tantai Farm

Click on the image to see the direction to Tantai Farm.

Volunteers Comments

Ever since we opened our farm to the volunteering program, we had encountered good volunteers from many countries. I’ve never been disappointed with any volunteers and hope the feeling is vice versa. Here are some of the comments from our volunteers through workaway and WWOOF programs.

Laura, Bri& Lenny

We stayed at the farm for about 2 weeks and it was an amazing experience. Everyone was so welcoming, kindhearted, always ready to help as well they took us on trips around the area. We learned so much about the country, the people and ,of course, about the importance of organic farming. In the evening we often sat down together with some people from the farm, played cards or listened to music. We will defineteley miss this a lot. The food was extraordinarily good and very fresh. Our room was great (with an airconditioner) and we were allowed to use several facilities, like the washing mashine. Unfortunately we could only spend 2 days with Arnatt, the founder of the farm as well as a really admirable person with great ideas and projects. The talks with him and the other people from the farm(whose english is partly not thaaat good- which encouraged us to learn some thai:) ), once again showed us that the farm as well as the upcoming educational projects are great!!! Please come and support the farm. You will have a good time. Thanks for everything,
Laura, Bri& Lenny

Adrian and Cynthia

Arnatt's intentional, intelligent and kind way of doing things made our stay a pleasure. The farm was beautiful. We stayed on his rooftop with a beautiful view and stunning sunsets every time. He has many projects developing and you can really see your work pay off here. During our stay Arnatt's family came to the farm. They were wonderful!! His son, was so pleasant to be around. What a personality he has. Seeing Arnatt as a father and being with his family was so nice. Many conversations, learning about farming, eating good food, beautiful environment. It really was a wonderful stay. We thank you!! We will see each other again. This is also a nice stop if you are traveling from Bangkok towards the east of Thailand or Cambodia. Our trek was to Ayutthaya, then to Khao Yai area (where this workaway is located near), then into Cambodia. There are so many nice areas nearby that you can venture to: nearby Khao Yai Park, the east of Thailand, south to the Thai coast, or cross into Cambodia.
Thank you!
Adrian and Cynthia


I had a great time on the farm, it's a nice place on earth and the accommodation is really good. There is a lot space for the volunteers and the food is amazing! The stuff is very friendly and always try to communicate even when they can't speak English. For me it was nice to be back on the countryside and not in a too touristical area. The work was ok, not too hard but also not light. Notice that you work more than it's written here. I saw Arnatt only 2 days in my 10days-stay and so I could only learn from the other volunteers(what was also nice, but I would have liked to have more professional teaching). Sometimes it was not so easy to find out what should be done how, because there was no one with a certain plan. I think it's unusual that Arnatt is away all the time but prepare yourself to work on your own. All in all I had a really good time and recommend it!

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